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Commercial TV Installation

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Monday – Saturday  8:00am – 5:30pm 

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TV Installation Includes:

  • Installation of 1 TV mounting bracket.
  • Securing the TV and load testing the hardware.
  • Connecting the power and cable connection.
  • TV installation is for drywall or brick only.
  • TV above fireplace if selected.

Let’s Get Your TV Installed

Buy your TV mount here online and have it delivered and installed by licensed and insured professionals. If you have your own TV mount we can install it too, just make sure that it has all of the hardware needed. If you’re not sure, we have reasonably priced TV mounts for sale and it may be best to purchase another reasonably priced TV mount. Most TV installations are scheduled online. We will confirm your appointment via e-mail immediately after you’ve scheduled your online appointment. Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

How To Choose The Right TV Mount

When it comes to choosing a TV mount, you can either choose between fixed and movable. Your choice is determined by the room layout, TV audience,  and your preference. It is important to understand that the two TV mounts have their pros and cons and hence thorough research is needed to help you make the right choice. This article will help you understand the different types of TV mounts, their pros, and their cons.

Fixed TV mounts

A fixed wall mount keeps your TV closer to the wall by holding the snug against the wall. Besides the fact that they are affordable (least expensive when compared to other TV mounts), these TV mounts are ideal in rooms where people watch the TV from the same position, because it’s easy to have it centrally positioned. Also, fixed TV mounts are recommended if you have total control of your lighting to avoid reflections or glare when watching the TV. Since these mounts keep the TV close to the wall, they offer no space for TV adjustments.

Tilting TV mounts

Although tilting TV mounts do not allow any horizontal movements, they allow you to angle your TV vertically while still maintaining its original position on the wall. Hence, these mounts are ideal when the TV is mounted higher than normal for instance over a fireplace. This will allow the viewers to have a better view because you can tilt the TV away from light or glares. Remember, the extent of tilting may vary depending on the model you’ve installed but you can usually get between 5° and 15° vertical adjustment.

Full motion/articulating mounts

These types of TV mounts offer a wide range of movement because you can tilt the TV towards or away from the wall, up or down or from side to side. Therefore, you will always get the perfect viewing angle and viewers can sit at different locations in a room. Also, if the room has changing glares during the day, you can easily tilt the TV to get the perfect viewing angle depending on the sun’s exposure.

Finally, full-motion TV mounts offer a wide range of installation possibilities to homeowners. For instance, you can mount your TV in a corner, into an armoire or on a wall in your room. Remember, you should have long audio and video cables to allow maximum extension when using a full-motion TV mount.

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