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Standard Lighting Installation Includes:

  • * Unpacking and inspecting the new light. 
  • * Performing basic assembly if necessary. 
  • * Taking down the existing light fixture from the ceiling or wall. 
  • * Installing and wiring the new unit to the existing electrical box. 
  • * Testing the light to make sure that it is operational. 
  • * Proper cleanup of the packaging materials.

Lights That Can Be Installed For This Deal:

Vanity Lights

These lights refer to a particular lighting fixture subset, which can be mounted right above the bathroom’s vanity area. The vanity generally includes the vanity mirror, vanity sink, and countertop. Vanity lighting arrangements are generally considered as task lighting, which is why they cannot be used to light an entire bathroom individually. You also have to add other lighting sources in the room – bathroom pendant lights and ceiling lights are ideal sources of ambient lighting for the room.

Flush Mount Lights

A flush mount lighting arrangement is generally set against the room ceiling with the light shining downward. Since the space between the light and the ceiling is extremely narrow, flush mount lighting arrangements are perfect for rooms that have shorter ceilings. They also prevent debris and dust from accumulating on the shade and the bulb. They are generally used to light up small rooms or used for task lighting purposes in large rooms or for filling up spaces that are not lit by the uplights. Semi-flush mount lights are similar to flush mounts in that they are hung from the room’s ceiling. However, some space may be left between the ceiling and the light, which allows the uplighting to get reflected on the ceiling into the room, helping increase the brightness of the room.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures come with bulb wattage limits, which may be 60 or 100, or 150. Take care not to utilize bulbs that exceed the approved bulb wattage limit since that increases the chances of a fire or serious damage. Calculate how much lighting you require, the wattage limit, and bulb type best for your needs, and only purchase what you’ll actually need. Be practical in your approach while making room lighting arrangements. Many people simply expect 1-2 lights to be sufficient for their needs. However, this may result in harsh lighting that affects the overall ambience of the room. Layer the light sources to create versatility, thus giving you the ability to carry out different activities within the same room. There are 3 lighting arrangement types that need to be combined correctly to create an optimum lighting arrangement.

Wall Sconces

These wall fixtures get mounted at the eye level. Therefore, it’s important to avoid exposed bulbs and open fixtures since they may be harsh on the eyes when it’s turned on. CRI and color temperature are extremely important for a quality wall lighting arrangement. Light sources between 2700K – 3000K are best since they are inviting, warm, and soft to look at.