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Electrical Panel Upgrade

Need Your Electrical Panel Replaced Or Upgraded? Replacing It Can Prevent Accidents Like Fires, Someone Getting Electrocuted, Or Worse. Give us a call



Here are a few reasons why you may need an electrical panel upgrade:



1. Your circuit breakers trip often.


2. You find yourself using a lot of extension cords because you have a limited amount of outlets.


3. Your home still has the same old 60 amp service panel.


4. Your lights flicker at times for no reason.


5. Your 3 prong plug doesn’t fit your 2 prong outlets.


6. You need more power or a sub panel.


7. Your appliances don’t run at full power.


8. You buy additional appliances or equipment that need more power.


9. You add a room or upgrade your kitchen.


10. Your 100 amp panel isn’t supplying enough power for new appliances or equipment that you’ve purchased.


That’s just a few reasons why you may need to upgrade your electrical panel but there are many more.  Help

keep your home or business safe from hazards that are preventable by upgrading your service panel and get

the power you need.




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