Outlet Repair

Do You Have A Bad Outlet Or Does Your Plug Fit Loosely? Let’s Get It Replaced.

Click on the outlet below to browse our outlets and select the outlet that you would like to purchase. All outlets come with installation and online appointments are available.



Outlets are very convenient until they are no longer working.  These outlets supply power to the devices that we use everyday, and it can be very frustrating when they don’t work. There are a number of reasons why your outlets could be bad and it would be best to call licensed professionals like us to come out and fix the problem for you instead of risking your safety. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of problem attempting to fix it yourself can be dangerous. It’s just not worth the risk of being shocked or badly injured. After you have purchased the outlet that you need from us we will contact you after your order has processed and you will be able to schedule an appointment online. Most appointments are scheduled the same day or next day depending on availability.



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